Sunday, 27 November 2011

Project 4- Portable DIY GPS Navigation System

Okay, this is one of the things which I made under 4 hours, it is a portable GPS location monitoring system, which can be carried around by a person usually adventure seekers or trekkers, to know their exact position , as GPS data is obtained directly from the satellite, you can use this device to find out your location on any part of the Earth. It can be easily carried around due to its compact design, it can be used in cars, buses, etc,and the greatest advantage is that it's cost, conventional GPS systems cost from about Rs.9000, I can provide the basic GPS data at about Rs.3000.
Here, I have made my own microcontroller board fot ATMega 168, in order to make the device smaller and portable, it's as shown in the pic:

This system can be used for professional runners to monitor their speed of movement, as it is displayed on the 2 20*4 LCD displays provided.I have used a cirocomm 20L GPS module for the purpose.
The NMEA data from the module is deciphered using a Tiny GPS library, to extract the latitude,longitude coordinates as well as universal date and time.The system may even be attached to the helmet of a bike rider , so that ,these data become more accessible to the person.
I have made the device from nothing but an ordinary plastic box,which was modified to incorporate the devices as shown in the pics:

Main features and advantages of my system are:
1.Low budget.
2.Provides temperature monitoring of the surroundings.
3.Provides the speed of motion.
4.Very potable and easy to carry.
5.Provides the most accurate time(universal) and date.
6.The total time for which the system has remained active.
7.Can be used in emergency situations , to know the location while sending out a distressed call.

The video showing the working of the system is as shown here, please excuse the shaking and vibrations which caused due to my jogging( in order to demonstrate it's working).

Applications of the system:
1.Can be used by athletes to measure their speed of movement.
2.Can be used by adventure or thrill seekers while trekking in dense forests to know their location, when cell   networks are not available.
3.Can be used in cars or buses , for knowing the location and the speed of the vehicle.
4.The latitude and longitude coordinates can be used while making a distress call, to inform the authorities of our location.
5.Can be used as universal speedometer for all sorts of vehicles,without the need of providing any modifications.
6.Can be used even in the most remote corners of the world.


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