Saturday, 26 November 2011

Project 2- GPS Digital Speedometer for Modified Honda Dio

Okay, I can officially say that, the first Indian dio with a customised digital speedometer with GPS was mine.
Even though i was terribly sad when my parents said they wont buy me a bike , i got over myself using my faithful dio, FOXGLOVE customised the ride for me giving it some awesome blue graphics and giving it the signature mean boy handle bar.But, I wanted more, so i thought of making my own digital speedometer for it, but digital meter? they were so common , so I gave it an edge by providing GPS for it.
I made it using an ATMega168 microcontroller, 2 20*4 LCD displays,a cirocomm GPS module,etc ,the initial setup of the digital speedometer i.e., before going on road is shown on the video here, please excuse the background trance music.....hehe:

This was the initial state of my speedometer, but i modified it again before attaching it to my Honda Dio, I provided an LM35 temperature sensitive transistor to get the engine as well as surrounding temperature.
My GPS data was in the form of NMEA(National Marine Electronics Association) codes, which was deciphered to obtain the latitude and longitude coordinates, the universal date as well as time, since the communication was directly with the satellites , a small delay is experienced during the startup time, as the signal has to go from earth to the outer space and then back(phew..!), it could also show the mean height of the land above sea level and loads of other data including speed.
 I even hooked my meter to my Dio's fuel sensor, so it also showed the fuel reading, the fuel sensor inside it was an ohmic variable resistor, when the tank was empty it showed a high resistance value , and when it was filled to the maximum, it showed a minimum resistance value, so I used my microcontroller to measure the resistance of the sensor and convert it to a % value with respect to the difference between the maximum and minimum resistance values.Here is the video showing the speedometer on my Dio:

Here is a list showing the features of my Digital speedometer:
1.Shows the Lap Time i.e. the time for which the engine remains ON.
2.It shows the surrounding temperature accurately in degree C.
3.It shows the actual registration no: of the vehicle.
4.It shows the location of the person using the latitude and longitude coordinates from the GPS.
5.It shows the universal date and current time.
6.It shows the fuel level in %.
7.And finally it shows the speed.
8.It may even show the name of the rider, after programming.

The actual location of the vehicle could be found out, by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates of the GPS module in the google map.Surprisingly I even got a lot of orders from many people around India, to make it for them.


  1. How much will cost to get this made? And where can I get this made?

  2. wher can i get this. plez do reply...

  3. Hey, if it's not proprietary, I wanted to know how you powered the thing. Did you do this by tapping the Dio's battery? Is it possible with you to share the schematics of the surge protection circuit? Thanks!

  4. How can i do this on my own to setup in my honda shine bike. Please provide some DIY tutorials!