Friday, 25 November 2011

Project 1-- Home made Rocket made from my own rocket fuel mixture (Electric Ignition)

Even though this is not actually my first project, (worked on many before this), I started recording my creations from this. First  of all, i made my rocket candy composition by mixing many compounds together such as ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, magnesium, sulphur and normal sugar, I powdered and mixed all these together to form my rocket fuel mixture. So, here is a video showing me testing the obtained rocket fuel mixture, the explosion was completely unpredictable, it led to a slight discoloration on my hand, hehe.

Please excuse the video quality as it was recorded at the time using my mobile: sony ericsson K750i.
After the testing of the mixture, I stuffed it and compacted it into a small pvc pipe, and drilled a narrow hole through the solid mixture, at the bottom i provided an electric fuse , so that i can ignite the rocket from a safe distance.
The ignition system consists of a high resistance carbon led along with matchstick chemicals, aluminium,etc, the carbon leed is heated using a 30V supply , causing the remaining substances to light up, here is a video depicting my ignition system:

And finally all of this led to my rocket, it went up approx 30 feet in the air, which was quite high compared to the little fuel i gave it, i gave a long line to control the ignition , so that i could watch it go from a safe distance,here the impact of the rocket was so strong that it actually blasted away a high density soda bottle (The kind used for making carbonated drinks).However i had to abandon my research in this field , due to the lack of available compound mixtures and resources, here is the video:

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